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There will be 555 regenerated apes with different traits. The price will be 0.5 Solana

How many supply will there be and what will be the price?

The minting will begin as of 23rd of February at 19:00 UTC, and it will remain open until the project sells out. In the meantime, the devs and the marketing team will promote the project on many platforms and make several big partnerships.

When will the mint begin?

✅ You can be a true OG and be in our APE DAO by joining earlier in our community to secure the future privileges and benefits for our OG APES and the APE DAO.

✅ You will have the experience of being in a decentralized, self-managed community and be able to have a voice in every action we take.

✅ You can be an early investor in our project and make big profits as we gradually grow our community and make big partnerships in the future.

✅ You can experience a true metaverse experience by simply buying an ape as we complete our integrations in phase 3 as announced in the roadmap.

✅ You can stake an ape and get passive income, as the total volume in the marketplaces goes crazy!

✅ You can participate in many contests, and giveaways to win awesome prizes by simply joining our community.

✅ You can contribute to making Solana a decentralized universe, managed by the community, not big monopolies by supporting our project and our mentality.

✅ You can support us to place many charities or organizations by the decisions of our APE DAO!

What benefits you will get by joining our community?

Wizard Team

Invincible Ape | The Founder

Former deputy. Invincible, vigilant but generous. Years of experience on several projects, and in field as well. Crypto & NFT investor, enthusiast. Basketball lover, proud dad of a daughter and 2 big dogs.

Genius Ape | Developer

Well experienced blockchain & Solana developer. 100+ project experience. NFT & Crypto investor.

Roseaux | Marketing Chief

Real Estate and Blockchain  & NFT Advisor. Many experiences on marketing on both Etherium and Solana projects. Marketing Expert

Funny Dock | Artist 

Years of experience in designing and artwork. 10000+ unique handmade art works. Participated in many galleries. 20+ project crafted in Solana & Etherium Blockchain.


Discord, Twitter and the Website will be launched. It will be the start of an impeccably perfect community. 


555 apes will be onboard to meet their unique and privileged owners.

Public mint date: 23rd of February 2022, 19:00 UTC



The Great Ape DAO will be created. The members of this group will have certain privileges and will be the brain of the whole community. Further decisions and side projects will be determined by the DAO. Floor sweeping, collaborations, partnerships, and all other actions will be made out of DAO votings, to ensure the best results.  


The project owners made their applications, to leading marketplaces of Solana, priorly Magic Eden. The announcement will be made as soon as the project is confirmed.



The community wallet will be funded initially by the mint revenue, and afterward on the secondary market royalties. The Great Ape DAO will decide on the further actions to be made through the community wallet. 


Hanting our screens, social media, and daily lives we have now received our roadmap to vicious adventure, endless friendship, and unforeseen chances. Holding our guiding apes by the hand and rushing towards a shared destiny with SAC. The becoming of a companion stretched out from the jungle of Solana to the SAC. It is now time for the SAC to intertwine us with new apeanionships.    



The resurrection of the apes, coming back from the depths of Solana and ready for action! Here we are, giving you a chance to ape in and ape UP! With the apes coming back to haunt our screens, and leading us to immaculate treasure and fortune. Join in and don't miss our direct train to a reincarnation from 2D beginnings, to a banana roller coaster going straight towards the solana treasures.  


Here is a little sneak peek of what's gonna happen in the apeverse upon the metaverse integrations in the future!  Stay tuned for details!

Join the Crew

Welcome! It's not too late to ape in! Be early and join our crew to invest and secure your spot, so that you won't miss the privileges and huge potential profit! Do not worry, we don't have WL, we value all of our comers!

Partnerships & Friends

S◎L Boss


Tiki Tuka


One Paper

Koala NFT



Mimi NFT

Funky Pandas

KING Crypto


Digital Eyes Pre-Approved

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